The BEST SEO Events In London!

Browsing through the internet often times I come across advertisements for these events that are hosted in London. The events are mostly dedicated to marketing or SEO. This is totally up my alley, and I am always excited to attend an event that is around SEO.

I asked my friend Will to come along with me as he is also a big marketer. Learning how to get my site ranking is such a new and jaw dropping concept that I have always tried to get the most information from the events.

The events are often hosted in someones basement or in someones attic. This may not be the best or most comforting place to be, however the information shared is truly brilliant. Will made some friends who were known as the SEO Assasins. These guys are were something else. They literally knew everything about SEO. This is why I think this was the Best SEO events london because these guys made it like that. They shared everything they knew, and even gave us their database of knowledge. I read through all of this information for weeks on end after the event and I think I became better than those guys!

However it’s a well known fact that learning this game is all about trial and error, therefore I think I need to test out more stuff and learn more by reading around the topic.

The event inside though was a warm and cosy event. It was very intimate because the room was so small and dark that we were all huddled together sharing our secrets around a round table. I almost thought we were like a pirate army huddling around making strategies about all these new concepts and ideas around a table. It was a new experience and I’d have to recommend this to all my readers to attend.

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