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The BEST SEO Events In London!

Browsing through the internet often times I come across advertisements for these events that are hosted in London. The events are mostly dedicated to marketing or SEO. This is totally up my alley, and I am always excited to attend an event that is around SEO.

I asked my friend Will to come along with me as he is also a big marketer. Learning how to get my site ranking is such a new and jaw dropping concept that I have always tried to get the most information from the events.

The events are often hosted in someones basement or in someones attic. This may not be the best or most comforting place to be, however the information shared is truly brilliant. Will made some friends who were known as the SEO Assasins. These guys are were something else. They literally knew everything about SEO. This is why I think this was the Best SEO events london because these guys made it like that. They shared everything they knew, and even gave us their database of knowledge. I read through all of this information for weeks on end after the event and I think I became better than those guys!

However it’s a well known fact that learning this game is all about trial and error, therefore I think I need to test out more stuff and learn more by reading around the topic.

The event inside though was a warm and cosy event. It was very intimate because the room was so small and dark that we were all huddled together sharing our secrets around a round table. I almost thought we were like a pirate army huddling around making strategies about all these new concepts and ideas around a table. It was a new experience and I’d have to recommend this to all my readers to attend.

Factors to Consider If You’re Looking for the Best Gaming Laptop

An average guy who plays games buys a good gaming console. But true gaming fanatics are hardly what you’d call average, and for these guys it’s all about playing the game on a PC. It’s much more satisfying since you get everything a game has to offer when you play it on a PC as opposed to playing it on a console.

Most gamers tend to think about desktops when it comes down to playing PC games. You get all the bells and whistles, but still you’re limited to playing it in your room (or wherever you placed your desktop PC). But when you play on the best gaming laptop you can find, however, it’s different.

With a laptop, you can play just about anywhere and anytime. You can have LAN adventures with your friends, and the travel and setup is much simpler. And while desktop users may gripe about the poor performance of a laptop, that’s not really an issue when you have the best laptop for gaming.

So what makes a laptop great for gaming? Here’s what you need to look out for:

The Difference between Integrated and Dedicated Graphics

Like its desktop counterparts, the best gaming laptops are designed with the gaming experience specifically in mind. And what transforms a standard laptop into a gaming machine is that it has a discrete or dedicated GPU (graphics processing unit). In the regular laptops, you’ll find an integrated graphics processor and it uses the system memory of the laptop to power the games. With a real gaming laptop, the dedicated GPU has its own RAM to use. That gives it the power to display games effectively, and it can also be used for other display-heavy applications.

Screen Size and SpeakersThe brands to look out for when you search for dedicated GPUs include AMD (for example, the AMD Radeon HD 8870M) and NVidia (such as the NVidia GeForce GTX 780M). These components are what make gaming with laptops an exceptional experience, although they’re also responsible for making a gaming laptop much more expensive than others. You’ll find the majority of these inside for example the MSI Gaming laptop.

While there are actually some laptops with smaller screens which can be used for gaming, if you want the best then the bigger, the better when it comes to screen size. The best ones tend to be about 18 inches across the diagonal, and the minimum should be set at about 15 inches. As for the speakers, they tend to be somewhat unexceptional as a whole with laptops. You can usually fix that with nice headphones, though.


Again like desktops, you’ll want the fastest processors, along with larger RAMs as well. The minimum requirement here is at least a third-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU.

Battery Life

With all these high-end components, don’t expect the battery to give you a whole day of gaming. You’ll usually get about four hours or so of frenetic enjoyment, although there are a few which can last for more than five, even ten hours. But to be safe, just make sure your laptop is placed where there’s an electrical socket nearby. If you want the best gaming laptop money can buy, true portability is oftentimes out of the question.