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Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

When is a rice cooker more than a rice cooker?  The answer is when the rice cooker not only delivers perfectly prepared rice but also has the flexibility to effortlessly cook delicious stews, meats and vegetables that can be prepared with the 15-hour delay timer.  Everything about this Digital Rice Cooker is designed to facilitate the cooking process and make very mouthful taste fresh and appetizing.

The Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer is reliable, flexible and engineered to fulfill many options for rice lovers and busy families.  Whether the chef of the house is steaming a stew that will be placed in the steamer for the dinner meal or intends to cook the tastiest, most natural rice ever served, this Aroma product is up to the task.

This is safety-first rice cooker, hence why it received the best rice cooker 2017 title, featuring a stay-cool exterior and the 15-hour delay timer.  The user can cook up to 16 cups of any type rice while steaming meat or the vegetable of the day.  The family consumption of healthy vegetables will definitely increase. When preparing the rice or other product, it is strongly recommended that the chef use the included measuring cup for all measurements.  There is also a practical spatula that should be used when removing cooked products from the non-stick interior.

The programmable digital rice cooker includes several settings including the setting for automatic warming for times when guests or family members are running late.  When using this setting, the food is kept warm without further cooking. Consumers report that the steamer easily cooks frozen products.  It is recommended that when various spices or flavors are added they must be stirred vigorously.  This steamer can cook large or small meals with no hassles in the easy-to clean.  This is a dependable product that will be used for years.  At this price, the rice cooker is a great purchase.  Eat healthy, eat together and be assured that this cooker is at the ready any time you choose.